New Economy, New Technology.

What was the last piece of technology that you bought? Maybe it was an iPad, might have been a Samsung phone or a new laptop computer. For some they become so attached to it they have intense feelings towards the product or the brand.  This “new economy” (Kelly 1999), has engulfed society into instant gratification and networking.

 Apple has this amazing power to hold the gaze of technology ‘nerds’ all over the world. They have done what no other company have done before, they even make store openings into a spectacle. If you have 10 minutes, this excerpt from the Secrets of the Superbrand documentary goes further into what makes Apple products and Apple as a brand so desirable.

 Kelly (1999) questions,

 “Is it any wonder that technology triggers such intense fascination, fear, and rage?”

 This sense of networking that we have embedded in our society has gotten us to the point of no return. The network shapes us and in turn shapes the technology in which we network with, i.e. an iPhone.


Kelly, K. (1999) ‘This new economy’. In New Rules for the new Economy. [URL:


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