Turn That Damn Phone Off

My Internet enabled devices won’t shut up. I am at the point of severe frustration because I can’t escape being ‘online’, even when I am not physically looking at a screen. I’ve had to turn off the ‘push’ noficiations on my iPad and iPhone because who needs to be told by 4 different devices that, to quote Easy A,

“Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof. Who gives a rat’s ass?”

Mr Griffith’s was onto something in that movie!

Not only are we constantly connected on Facebook but in the working world also. This idea of always being on call can go either way, some people I’m sure can’t handle it, but others may quite enjoy the idea of flexible working hours.

Bradwell and Reeves (2008) mention,

“The fear that networking platforms pose a threat in the workplace has quickly given way to a realisation that the boundaries between work and personal interaction are blurring”

This blurring of boundaries is enabled by the use of devices such as smart phones and laptops where 3am in one city could mean 10am in another; therefore you must be available to respond.Bradwell and Reeves (2008) also make note of the fact that “formal hierarchy and structure is not as important as social networks and dynamics”

It is becoming common for companies to get rid of the hierarchy systems where the boss is high up in the chain. The ‘worker bee’s’ will be working among the CEO’s and the CFO’s, where everyone has freedom to do the work that needs to be done.

How much longer can society last if we are always on call, will anyone ever get a good nights sleep?


Bradwell, P., and Reeves, R. (2008) Economies. In Networked Citizens (pp. 25-31). London: Demos.

[URL: http://www.demos.co.uk/files/Network%20citizens%20-%20web.pdf%5D


One response to “Turn That Damn Phone Off

  1. I made a similar observation about the effect this will have on society. What will the impact on family life be from the parents being constantly connected to work. If dad is too busy reading emails to pay attention to his sons soccer game. If mum has to answer calls so cant talk to her kids all afternoon etc etc

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