Australia, you’re doing it wrong.

Today it came to my attention that life isn’t fair. Oh wait, no that happened many years ago, when my brother got to sleep in the top bunk and I did not.

The place I work at caters for weddings, we do all kinds of weddings, from Jewish, through to cocktail, and sit down receptions. They all have one thing in common, they are really expensive. I know, I know, weddings are all expensive you say. No, when I say expensive, I mean sell your first born child expensive.

This is what I imagined my wedding (and photos) to be something like:

But for now in Australia I have to settle for this:

Oh wait, sorry wrong photo, I mean this:

Thats me, all alone, with no wife, no husband.

At this time in NSW same-sex marriage is not recognised under current law. It is not “ALLOWED”, you hear me people, it is not allowed. Because it would totally ruin the sanctity of marriage. Yeah, well you know what, humans are what ruin the sanctity of marriage. 1 in every 2 marriages end in divorce. Who would want to get married anyway? That sounds like some odds I would rather not take. Oh wait, I can’t even take the risk, not allowed.

Back to weddings at my work. So these beautiful people come in with all their beautiful friends (I get to have a good perve), drink, eat and dance the night away. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy working at weddings and at the venue. What I don’t like is the fact that these people have the freedom to be able to do this, and I don’t. Call me selfish. It just doesn’t seem fair.

But we all know, sometimes life isn’t fair. Although it would be nice if Australia as a whole opened their eyes and got a move on with legalising same-sex marriage. So then we can just call it marriage, what a novel idea.


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