Help Out


Consider this:

  • Are you under the age of 30?
  • Are you a woman?
  • Are you healthy?

MS is a disease which doesn’t discriminate. It is estimated that around 21,000 people within Australia are living with MS. The majority of them are women and the average age of diagnosis is 30.

So you think that it won’t affect you, you’re healthy and fit and loving life? Well without warning, that could all change.

MS is a disease that affects the central nervous system, and also can interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses throughout the brain, spinal cord and optic nerve. Which over time brings about a slow deterioration of the individuals capabilities.

Imagine not being able to feed yourself, or bathe, or go to the toilet without someone assisting you. This is a scary disease with no known cure but with the support of my friends and family we can help those living with MS and help find a cure.


I am participating in the annual Sydney to Wollongong bike ride. This ride starts in St Peters in Sydney and finishes at the picturesque North Gong beach in Wollongong. As I participated last year I know just how much fun the day is. Each hill climb is rewarded with resting areas with sunscreen, drinks, fruit and magnificent views.

At the finish they have organised a massive event to celebrate the riders, even though you ride among 10 000 other people, you are cheered on by the crowd as you enter the park. Last year I only rode from Engadine to Wollongong because I was unsure I could complete the whole 90km…SO this year, I am riding the whole way!

By doing this bike ride I am pledging to raise at least $250. If everyone of my friends on Facebook was to donate just $5 to this cause, then we could raise just over $5000. AND how good would that make you feel? Knowing that just that little bit of money was going to people who desperately need support.

For me, this ride is about doing something rewarding that isn’t just about me. To know that I am helping out people who need it is motivation to get on my bike and push myself to ride the whole 90km.

So please click on this link

| DONATE DONATE DONATE | Press the big red donate button on the linked webpage above – or if you’re even more keen why not join us on this bike riding quest and enter yourself!

I promise it will make you feel good.

NB: This is not the generic statement they give on the gongride website. It is all me, I researched the disease and have a decent understanding of what it means to have MS. I have also have drawn from my personal experiences.


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