Week 12: Apple vs Android. Who cares?

Where do we go from here? Apple have us cornered, we must download apps from the app store, we must abide by the rules, those apps are scrutinised within an inch of their lives. Google allows for Android operating system to be installed on any handset, unlike Apple who keep the iOS locked to Apple products. 

I find it interesting that Google want to encourage users to create and personalise their devices to suit them, the idea is flow of information is key. Which I guess is a bit similar in regards to the week 5 topic of intellectual property and content control.  Apple on the other hand want to encourage users to conform with the Apple standards of ‘simplicity and design’, with a walled garden of apps, there isn’t much room to move. But considering this, I am still a die hard Apple fan and have not considered switching to the Android operating system. Although I do love Google Chrome, I adore the fact that all my devices are synced and that it does it seamlessly  I just have this feeling if I switched out my iPad for a Galaxy Note on the Android system I would have troubles  There is absolutely no facts behind this claim but that is just what I would expect to happen.

How does Google make money from the Android system? They rely on the long-tail theory. Although it is available for free, they charge developers to list their apps. Roth (2008) mentions that Andy Rubin, the creator of Android said  ‘Google’s model is to build a killer app, then monetize it later.’ So every app that is downloaded technically makes Google money. Pretty clever huh?

Back to the Apple vs Android debate, I feel it just doesn’t really go anywhere. People will buy what they want and if you try to change minds, it probably won’t happen. It is a cycle of  ‘my phone is better,’ but really it is just personal opinion. If you really want to make the ultimate decision then you research what you are looking for in a device and go from there.


Roth, D. (2008) ‘Google’s Open Source Android OS Will Free the Wireless Web’. Wired, June 23. [URL: http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/magazine/16-07/ff_android%5D


5 responses to “Week 12: Apple vs Android. Who cares?

  1. Personally I feel like the discussion as to which is the more dominant product is quite important given the dependence consumers are starting to develop toward their smartphones, tablets, etc. If these things are going to become so vital to our daily comings-and-goings I think there is a need to understand which is the superior of the two for each specific type of person.

  2. The ability to sync all of our devices together is sooo necessary and such a time saver that any company that can do it so seamlessly has my heart! The fact that we all have laptops, smartphones, blackberries, 1000 thousands and music files, apps etc it is such a needed accessory and i love that to about Google Chrome!

    Until Android can figure this out along with a more aesthetically pleasing design and simple interface i think Apple still has a strong lead.

  3. The thing is, syncing and seamless integration are all possible with Android but I feel people have become so used to the Apple way of doing it, anything else seems foreign. Add this to the marketing efforts of Apple and it is hard for people to consider switching.

    The reason I have switched is a simple app. It allows me to play NES games on an Android phone. Okay this isn’t the only reason but apps like this cost Google nothing to make, but now they have me as a user, which they can leverage into more money making opportunities.

    Let the users do the hard work and develop their own ‘killer apps.’

  4. The problem is, is that the general public have become so familiar with Apple’s iOS that they’re just used to it and don’t want to change. The fact that you can easily go from any product to an Apple one, but it’s near impossible to do the reverse is just testament to how Apple want to control the market – either way other smart phone developers with arguably BETTER operating systems, such as Android, have in fact caught up and there are easy ways around “converting” to Android.
    Personally, I can appreciate why people find the seamless syncing etc. so amazing and convenient, but I absolutely hate it. Every time I plug my damn iPhone into the computer it just does it, unprompted and annoyingly. Y U do this, iPhone?!
    At the end of the day, each OS has it’s positives and negatives and it really just comes down to personal choice – but people are so stubborn that they are apologists to what they already have and are persistant in saying theirs is better.

  5. I personally find the walled garden constructed by Apple, convenient. WIth Apple it is easy to navigate your way round and everything is so simple. In saying this, i myself have never used an Android phone, however looking at my friends who do I don’t believe that Android phones have the same sleek design or ease of use. Even though the Android does offer consumers a larger selection of apps, i feel as though through being an open platform there is copious amounts of useless apps, hence you have to sort through them to find what you are looking for. So whilst i understand the possibilities that Android offers, at the end of the day the ease of simpleness of Apple wins out in my mind.

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