Sketch This – Week 1

I wanted to practice something that would be useful in my day to day life and that people would say, “hey that’s pretty awesome.” It happens to be that I don’t have one area of media arts which I excel in more than others or that I have one passion that would be useful to practice. So I decided to choose something that I have never been any good at or even tried too much at. I have a number of friends who can sketch and I have always been slightly envious of them.

Years ago I signed up on DeviantArt – excuse my user name..thats embarrassing. Lately I have been frequenting that particular website often, there are so many styles of drawing, photography, cartoons etc that I can get lost for hours browsing on there. So with my practice project I have started to sketch. I don’t have a particular interest in one style of sketching because I feel that might restrict me. Therefore to start with, I have decided to sketch the female body.

Here is one I found that I find beautiful and would like to eventually be able to sketch something similar.


There is something to be said about the female figure, the curves and bumps which can be so dramatically different from person to person. To be able to recreate this in 2D fascinates me, how do you get the proportions right, then again what is the “right” proportions. If I was to use a real life model, that would be different to using a photograph, and so on. It is more than just drawing the female form, it is creating one from scratch, who is to say what is right and wrong.

To start with this week, I have found a very simple “How to draw a female body” page.

I needed to find something that I could copy and follow easily because I had no idea where to start. This page was helpful but I feel it skipped a few steps because I got to the end and my sketch was missing finer details. Although it is possibly a good thing I did not attempt the finer details as I would then be overwhelmed. It was hard enough to get it to look how I wanted just sketching an outline of the body. I was not happy with how the waist and hips turned out, the hips are too low and skewed. Next I will try to get the proportions correct, with the hips slightly higher and wider. I love that the female form is smaller at the shoulders and comes in at the waist and then curves for the hips, so in my drawing I will try to reflect this.

IMG_7290 IMG_7289 IMG_7288


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