Interactivity and Power

A website to some may seem like just a place to go for information. How do you get the information from the website? You can read it, you can click on links, it will pop up, and you will have to find it. The ability for interactive website to have an effect on participants is significant in comparison to websites that are less interactive.

Take for example, the Australian MasterChef Series, this show is massively popular in Australia and it is not only that people like to watch it on television. MasterChef brand have a website that coexists online not only during the airing of the show but all year round. With videos, contestant information and recipes all available on the website (MasterChef 2013), users can further their experience with the show. Also, the viewers can tweet their thoughts about the show, if chosen, can potentially be aired during the show at the bottom of the screen (using the hashtag MasterChefAU). Bringing another dimension to the interactivity of users with the show.

When does the text become interactive? Cover (2006, p.140) makes note that when the text leaves the hands of the author or creator and becomes available to alteration in some way by a reader, this blurs the distinction between author and audience. Therefore become interactive. So the use of Twitter is aiding in the interactivity of television shows but allowing viewers to become authors.

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 3.26.36 PM

MasterChef 2013

I feel that this type of interactivity can only benefit our society, in a sense that we all have the ability to voice opinions. It is somewhat similar concept to that of Julian Assanges’ quest as a hacktavist as I mentioned in an earlier post, freedom of speech and allowing the public access to information. Albeit with less impact and on a much smaller and less significant scale.



Cover, Rob 2006, ‘Audience inter/active : Interactive media, narrative control and reconceiving audience history’, New Media and Society, vol.8, no.1, pp.139-158.

MasterChef 2013, accessed 05/04/2013,



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